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Kindergarten Academy Newsletter
JUNE 2014
Messages from Ms. DeSanctis

School Procedures are still in place:
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for calling school to report their child out as absent or late. Also, please send a note or call the call office to let us know if your child will be picked up early or will need to change transportation.  
  • Please update phone numbers so we can reach you in case of an emergency. Empty voice mailboxes so messages can be left.
  • If your child buys lunch, please fill out a lunch coupon.
  •  Check your child’s folder and backpack each night.   
  • School arrival is 8:00-8:15.  If children arrive after 8:20, they are considered late. 
  • School uniforms are to be worn each day.  
  • Children are not permitted to wear sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes. 
Sneakers only!
Final Celebrations:
Students will receive their Certificate of Completion for the KA year at the final celebrations (see team schedules above).  Students should wear dress clothes (parents’ choice) for this special occasion. Parking for the final celebrations is always limited.  Please consider carpooling or walking to this event, if possible.  Also, please refrain from bringing balloons/flowers to the final celebrations since space is limited.  Thanks in advance to Ms. Hannah Knauss and the special area teachers for helping to organize the closing celebrations.
Thank You:
May Fair: Special thanks to the parents and family members who volunteered at the May Fair this year. The boys and girls had a lot of fun on the jumbo slides, creating spin art, and having their faces painted by our high school students.  Additional thanks go to Mrs. Clemson and Mrs. Conlin for their long range planning for this event.
Field Day:  Mr. McElhiney provided a wonderful field day experience for the boys and girls.  We were fortunate to have a beautiful weather day for the relay races.  Many parents enjoyed watching the children race.  It was great to see the qualities of good sportsmanship that the students demonstrated on the field.  They cheered for each other and were good sports!
Field Trips:  The zoo trips were enjoyed by all of the teams and their chaperones.  Our teachers and instructional assistants did a great job organizing the buses, tickets, and activities of the day. Chaperones returned from the trip with smiling faces, as did the children.
Firehouse Visits: A special thanks to the Prospect Park Fire Company for hosting the KA boys and girls on June 2.  It will be a  fun and informative visit as the students learned how to move through a smoky room, go on the ambulance, and spray the fire hoses.  They will also demonstrate how to be safe in the event of a kitchen fire. All of the local fire companies sent representatives to the fire house to meet the children.
School Uniforms:  If you have any school uniforms that your kindergarten student has outgrown, please consider donating them to the KA.  We can use them in the nurse’s office in case of accidents and also share with families that might be in need.
Library Books:  Please remember to return all KA library books.  Mrs. Hokanson and Mrs. Ward have sent out a number of reminder slips regarding missing books and library fines.  All books and fines are due by the last day of school.  All fines and books must be returned in order for report cards to be sent home.
Jump A Thon:  Special thanks to all of the volunteers, teachers, and of course, Mr. Mac for organizing a fun filled Jump a Thon for the KA students.  Donations to the American Heart Association totaled over 8,800.00!!  Boys and girls will receive their prizes for their fundraising efforts in their backpacks before the end of the school year.

Rubies Team
June will be a fun month as we have our walk to the Prospect Park firehouse on Monday June 2nd, play day in the park on Monday June 9th, and our final celebration on Tuesday June 10th.  Our final day of kindergarten will be on Friday June 13th.
The students worked hard all year to ready ourselves for next school year.  We made new friendships and had many fun and educational field trips.  Now it’s time to enjoy our summer vacation and return refreshed for another new and exciting school year.  Over the summer it is important that we not let all that hard work go to waste.  Children need to continue to work, read and to be challenged to continue to build on the foundation that was developed at the Kindergarten Academy.  Have a fun, safe and relaxing summer.  We will miss you all!

Sapphire Team
The Sapphires are wrapping up a fabulous year.  The children have met with incredible academic success.  They entered kindergarten like little seeds and now we have a flourishing garden full of beautiful blossoms.
We are grateful to all the parent helpers that worked diligently in and out of our classroom to ensure that all the children had a successful, happy and fun kindergarten year. Your partnership throughout the year makes our kindergarten program work.
We wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and fun summer.

The Emerald Team
What a fabulous kindergarten year! The school year is winding down, and we are so excited about the progress the children have made! They have learned so much, and we are very proud of their accomplishments. It has truly been an honor getting to know each one of our students, and we will certainly miss their smiling faces as they move on to first grade!
During the summer months, we encourage you to include reading and writing into your summer routines so that your child can maintain their academic growth. Remember, to always keep these activities fun! In addition, it is very important to keep your child as active as possible. They should be outside playing often and enjoying their time off from school. That is the best part about summer!
We are looking forward to seeing all of our families at the Final Celebration! The children have been working very hard to prepare for their final performance in kindergarten. Please make every effort to be sure at least one family member is present to watch your child receive their certificate of completion.
 We would like to thank all of our students’ families for their support and cooperation throughout the school year. We appreciate all you do to help your child grow and learn.
The Emerald Team wishes all of you a fun and relaxing summer!

Diamond Team
Ms. Mullen, Mrs. Regino and Mrs. Spiotta would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful parents who have worked so hard and cooperated so totally with us.  We have enjoyed teaching your little ones more than you know.  Please continue to work on reading and kidwriting over the summer. Children must write and read often in order to not lose these newly aquired skills.  Please encourage them to write in their summer journals at least once or twice a week   and read EVERY DAY!    Please take your children to the library every week.
  Our schedule for the end of the year is jammed packed.  Please keep this newsletter and refer to it or refer to our websites for current updates.
  Have a wonderful safe, relaxing summer.  Again, thank you for everything!

Transitional First Grade- Mrs. King
It has been a truly wonderful year in T1.  I am so proud of all the children who were in my class.  They have worked hard to not only be the best they can be, but believe in themselves and all the gifts they have to share with their classmates!  Most especially, I would like to thank my parents for placing their trust in me and giving their child the “gift of time”. 

Miss Storniolo- RTII Specialist
The school year is almost over and the children have learned many reading readiness skills to prepare them for first grade.  Continue practicing these skills over the summer months.  Here are some fun activities to reinforce the skills they have learned over the summer:
·        Take a trip to your local Library and select some books to read
·        Use apps/games on the computer, IPAD, or tablet to practice phonics skills
·        Take your child food shopping and allow them to read some of the labels and count money and change
·        Use sidewalk chalk and other arts and craft supplies to practice sight words and letters
We are so proud of all the progress the students have made this year!                              Thank you for a successful year and your continued support in working with your child at home.

Mrs. Hokanson
Congratulations to Alexis Paglia, Jeanne Eppler, Adrian Carbajal, Maya Coryell, Valerie Galiano, Makayla Terinoni, Kelly Martin, Nolan Sweeney, Brianna Dell'Orefice, Nicholas Suazo, Allie Kerzner, David Deacle, Addison Birney, Scarlet Kiely, Madilyn Rankin, Russell Johnson, Micheala Bello, Arabella Haugland, Tommy Francione, John Shermer, Barbara Monteith, Gary Shopshire, Beta Zhang, Isabelle Newell, Nathan Pfaff, Aimee-Mae Rugh, Cheyenne Rice,Brianna Califano, Sarah Nixon, Chase Nolan, Allison McFaul, Sydney Conmy, Jolie Schill, Jimmy Toland, Hannah Ragan, Nathan McKeown, Ryan Warren, Olivia Hudlow, Emma Powell, Olivia Bulovas, C. J. Southern, Henry Nelson, Natalie Graham, Emily Rosen, Cheyenne Sadsad, Paige Osowski, Nicole Buchanan, Taylor Lennox, Gabriel Haagen, Makenna Dowd, Angel Murray, Hannah Graham, Aiden Young, Braxton Ksiazek, Shea Barker, Kaylee Franz, Mary Dougherty, Leo Maresh, Joey Thomas, Kaelyn O’Connor, Pepper O’Shea, Gavin Spicer, Ava Keene and Alexis Albright for completing the 100 Book Challenge this year!!!  You should be very proud.  Keep reading!
on the website  This is a free site with reading and math activities.  Please encourage your child to use it over the summer.  We also completed sequencing activities in our Sammy’s Science House software.


Our caterpillars have grown into butterflies just as our kindergartners have grown into first graders!  The children enjoyed releasing the butterflies that they watched grow right before their eyes!
We had a successful trip to John Heinz Wildlife Refuge!  The children were able to see a great blue heron, an egret, a scarlet tanager, robins, wild turkeys, swallows, an oriole and a goldfinch on our bird watching walk.  They completed a language activity to describe birds, they completed a bird beak experiment and made a bird house for more bird watching fun at home.  Please take advantage of the refuge over the summer!  There are so many opportunities for scientific exploration there!
It has been a pleasure working with your children this year!  Have a safe and restful summer!   This month in the library we talked about the similarities and differences between two objects and categorized words that go together.  The students also located fiction authors in the library according to the author’s last name.  The children enjoyed the books Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, Wild About Books by Judy Sierra, and The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willams.The children will not take home library books in the month of June.  Please return all books to school by your child’s next library class.
Each neighborhood public library offers a summer reading program for children.  Please encourage your child to participate and read, read, read all summer long!

Nurses News
Summer Health & Safety Tips!
Summer is quickly approaching! Summer is time for having fun and making
memories, but it is also a great time to talk about safety.  Below are
some tips for staying safe and being active this summer.
Physical Activity:
*         Summer is a great time to try new and different ways to be
active. Experiment with different activities; but make safety a priority.
Try rock climbing, swimming, biking, hiking, water skiing and more.
Hydration & Heat Exhaustion:
*         Stay hydrated throughout the day when you are active outside in
the sun. Keep a water bottle with you and drink from it often.
Preventing Sunburns:
*         When outside, be sure to use sunscreen with a Sun Protection
Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher and reapply every two hours.
Water Safety:
*         Never swim alone.
*         When boating, make sure to use a life vest at all times.
*         Always swim in places where there is a lifeguard present and
make sure you always swim with at least one friend.
Biking Safety:
 *         Make sure your bike helmet is properly fitted.
 *   You should always wear a helmet and other protective gear.
 *   Make sure your helmet is worn properly. A helmet should be worn so
that it is level on the head, not tipped forward or backward. The strap
should be securely fastened, and you should not be able to move the
helmet in any direction.
Hiking Safety:
*         When hiking, stay with your group at all times.
*         Always stay on the trail.
*         Make sure you have the right equipment with you (shoes, proper
clothing, sunscreen, water, first aid kit, flashlight, food and other
essential items you might need).
Have a wonderful summer!

Mr. Mac Buzz
In Physical Education class the students spent many hours getting ready for the American Heart Association Jump-a-thon.  The event took place in April at  the Kindergarten Academy Gym.  I want to thanks everyone that supported this event.  The volunteers that helped did a great job. This year the Class of 2014 raised $8,871.01 Congratulations to all the students that participated in this special event.  The students will get their thank you gifts ASAP, look for them in late May.
Thanks   ~ Mr. Mac

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